Our History

Our most recent wins:


✔ In April 2023 we recruited hundreds of voters in SB and Redlands to demand housing justice and affordable housing to the city leaders.


✔ In February 2023 we elected 11 grassroots party delegates committed for Medicare For All, in an important internal election that was the best-kept secret of IE political insiders.


✔ In 2022 we campaigned for 18 grassroots progressive candidates, sending 80,000 texts and making 3,000 calls.


✔ Every month, we engage with thousands of voters in cities across the Inland Empire, campaigning for universal healthcare, affordable housing, human rights and social justice.


✔ We are a non-profit led by community organizers with decades of experience in advocating for IE working families, and we refuse corporate donors in order to maintain our independence.


Inland Equity Votes (IE Votes), a project of California Partnership Action Fund (501c4) was created in 2022 based on our own frustration with local grassroots candidates who are unable to compete with special-interest candidates using traditional campaign tactics, due to limited access to funding grassroots campaigns typically have. We applied the technology and tactics we learned working for national-level campaigns during the Obama 2008, Bernie 2016 and 2020 campaigns to local city council and school board efforts, with the goal of mobilizing under-registered voters with a messaging focused on issues. In 2022 we successfully ran a local campaign that elected 11 progressive CA Democratic delegates in Riverside County. In 2022 we designed a down-ballot strategy promoting Voter Guides featuring local unknown candidates who support affordable housing, universal healthcare, reproductive rights, environmental and social justice. We proved the scalability of our strategy in the 2024 primaries, with almost 30 endorsed candidates across 20 turfs. Since 2022 we have identified and nurtured approximately 5,000 under-registered voters who support progressive causes. We built the technology and operational capacity to outreach thousands of local voters via texting, phonebanking and canvassing. We built our own local talent pool by tapping into long-term relationships with local activists who have a stake in the community as well.